Any good design house has the same common refrain: “It was the execution that was not up to the mark!”

We realised very quickly that to deliver a seamless transition from paper to the final product meant we would have to do it by ourselves to ensure no loss in transmission. Against the standard norms, we went ahead and invested in our in-house prototyping and fabrication setup.

Spread over 10,000 sq.ft in the Mumbai suburbs this is where the team builds, constructs and assembles products and stalls. Prototyping of various products and innovative R&D projects are always ongoing here.

More importantly, our own fabrication delivers certain unintended benefits like eliminating wastage to a minimum, keeping costs in check and cross transfer of ideas across projects.

Usage of CCTV and daily monitoring by senior team members ensures timelines are met and efficiency of the workshop is maintained at all times.


We still act and think with design at our core, the creative team operates out of the central office in Mumbai. The office is equipped with state of the art systems and a lot of space that enables the team to fully unleash their creativity without constraints.

The production workshop houses a fully equipped tool shed and materials, enabling our projects and fabrication team to translate our concepts from paper to the finished product.

In addition a partner network spanning the country as well as strategic tie-ups with select international agencies enables us to execute and deliver any project anywhere in the world


501 A, 5th Floor, Morya Blue Moon,
Monginis Factory Lane, Link Road,
Andheri (West), Mumbai-53

022 66921130,  022 40035762

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